Taylor Bay Beach Sunset Family Photo Shoot

Villa Lynda Welcomes the Ziady Family for a Portrait Session

The south side of Providenciales is one of the better locations to do sunset family portrait sessions during the months of November to March.  Sapodilla Bay and Taylor Bay enjoy sunsets over the water during the fall to early spring months because of their southwesterly facing beaches. And these sunsets can be spectacular!! The Ziady family portrait session was an example of the potential of Providenciales’ south side. The shoot began in the beautiful Villa Lynda and then moved to the amazing rocky areas surrounding the property. Taylor Bay beach was on the schedule for the sunset grand finale. But when I saw the small, amazing little beach in Villa Lynda’s back yard, I decided that this was the perfect spot for the sunset photos.

Luckily it was low tide when we arrived at the 20 yard long private beach surrounded by the most beautiful gnarly limestone rocks. Most of the beach was exposed and the surrounding rocks added just the right texture to what turned out to be one of the most memorable sunset family photos to date.

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