Destination Wedding Photos


Wedding Couple Sails off into the Sunset


The opportunity, from Destination TCI, to photograph a simple one hour wedding in Grand Turk is the chance of a lifetime for the photographer and the happy couple.  Cruise ship weddings have become a very popular destination wedding option for a lot of couples who want to combine a cruise to the Caribbean and tying the knot.  And Turks and Caicos’ Grand Turk is a wonderful place to take the plunge and have your wedding photography.  This historic island is only seven square miles but it is packed with tons of great locations to shoot, including the cruise ship terminal, Grand Turk’s historic lighthouse, loads of desolate beaches, and colorful historic buildings.

Vanessa and Danny decided to have their wedding on the beach directly in front of the cruise ship dock, and what a scene that was!!!!  Needless to say, there was a sea of humanity that was witness to what turned out to be a very memorable ceremony.  The monstrous docked cruise ship took up almost the entire background.  It definitely was unique and amazing.  I am all about capturing something unusual and different, and this wedding surely delivered.

After the short ceremony and the signing of the wedding license, the happy newlyweds went to a secluded beach a mile or so down the road and what a scene that was!!!  A huge rusting derelict freighter had washed ashore years back and provided another AMAZING backdrop to create some very artsy portraits of Vanessa and Danny.  After we finished our session together I escorted the beautiful couple back to the dock where they boarded their massive ship and sailed off into the sunset, happy as two peas in a pod.  Grand Turk, you rock!!!

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