The Regent Grand is adorned with magnificent archways and gardens, offering some spectacularly great locations for creative portraiture. At least that is what the Maloufs thought when they decided to have their picture session during their stay! Most of all they were just glad to be out of the cold in Chicago and bathed in the warm sunlight of the Turks and Caicos. This same sunlight was particularly golden that afternoon and we made great use of it throughout our shoot! You could tell the kids weren’t 100% excited and they were good sports.  I made sure they were not bored. After the first few poses they quickly realized I wasn’t there to make them feel awkward and “say cheese”‘ and that I wanted to get natural, cool pictures of them. Once we were all on the same page, we were as golden as the lighting and got some fantastic portraits of everyone. The family wasn’t used to a candid-style approach and they ended up loving it, picking out many of the candid portraits as their favorites during their complimentary image-viewing session. We got some great, natural pictures with a wide variety of resort and beach based backgrounds. Great stuff! 

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