Delagarza Family Photos at Sunset

Seven Stars and Secluded Beach Portrait Session

This was the Delagarza family’s first trip to the Turks and Caicos.  As with most first timers to the Turks and Caicos, they fell in love with the island and all of its unique qualities, especially our secluded beach location.  They flew in from New York to enjoy the winter break with their children.  They staid one week at the beautiful Seven Stars resort.  Every year they select a different location to visit, and this year they decided to do family photos.  Mom did an excellent job of coordinating the family’s clothing colors.  She selected navy blue and white colors.  We started with photos at the beautiful and lush garden areas of the Seven Stars resort.  We then drove to our favorite secluded beach location.  This particular location is a favorite spot for us to take families as there are a many different rock formations to use as posing areas.  We started the beach photos by casually walking with sunglasses along the waterline.  Walking along the beach line is effective way to start a shoot like this because it helps loosen up our subjects by shooting them candidly.  When we arrives at the rocks, we tried some dramatic photos.  The sunset that night were absolutely amazing.  The sky was so colorful that we decided to continue shooting into twilight. The Delagarza family said that this was a family photo session to remember forever!

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