Beautiful Couple Vacation in Turks and Caicos

Babymoon Family Photo Session at the Palms

This beautiful couple decided to vacation in the world famous Turks and Caicos, as do many young couples.  However, this was very special because a baby is on the way and this family of two will be a family of three in the not too distant future.  They stayed at The Palms which offers outstanding views of the spectacular Grace Bay beach.  Grace Bay beach is often ranked the number one beach in the world!  The Palms has lush, tropical gardens and outstanding architecture that serve as wonderful backgrounds for family portrait sessions. A fence along the dunes and some outstanding rock formations were also used to enhance this photogenic couple’s special photo session. This happy couple used this opportunity to capture lots of photos that show their deep love for one another.  These photos also show the extreme joy they share as they anticipate the birth of their child.  Babymoon photo sessions are very common these days, as many young families want to chronicle every precious moment. Their very intimate photos were captured with the lovely turquoise waters and white sparkling sand shining in the background.  The sun was setting as the session came to an end.  Turks and Caicos is noted for its very dramatic sunsets and this day did not disappoint.  The darkening clouds and golden sun setting into the blue water added some drama and excitement to this family photo session.  We look forward to seeing this growing family again in our little paradise in the Caribbean.

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