Photogenic Children Grace the Beaches of Turks and Caicos

These Kids Love the Camera!

Shooting at the beautiful Blue Mountain Villas is always a treat! Irina had three very unique children for me to photograph in a variety of styles. As a past model, she brought with her an expertise and opinion that was very helpful in getting some really awesome expressions out of her own children. I always love getting candid, raw, real pictures mixed with the occasional posed portrait and it was quickly evident to me how much her kids were used to being photographed. Heck I may have even considered them to be semi-professional models! The unique landscaping at the Blue Mountain private beach offered some cool, intricate rock faces that the kids loved playing in. They also made for great backdrops. Irina looked gorgeous herself and we got some beautiful group shots on the beach and in the villa. She was ready with different outfits for the kids and everything! I only wish I had as much photo training when I was at such a young age, because the experience shows in the end results! Irina loved the photos and says she will definitely be returning to the island. Next time she will come to the island with her husband for some truly complete family photos!  

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