Beautiful Family, Beautiful Villa

Friends and Family make a Beautiful Portrait

Some things in life are just meant to be. Take for instance the way the Cruz family came to meet the best family photographer in the Turks and Caicos. Well that is exactly the way they found us- by doing an internet search for those exact words, “best photographer in the Turks and Caicos“. As it turns out, we could have found their group by searching, “best family to photograph in the Turks and Caicos”. That is what the Cruz and their friends were! First of all the Triton Luxury Villa on Long Bay is exactly that- a beautifully appointed modern villa and an ideal venue to photograph a large group like the Cruz/Finocchio family group. Triton villa is very light inside. And after opening the massive sliding glass doors which face the ocean, the amount of light that streamed into the main living area was ideal to conduct the first part of the session inside the magnificent living and entertainment rooms.

After we documented each of the two families and all combinations of these close friends in doors, we moved outside onto Long Bay beach to finish the session. The light was just becoming soft enough and the wind was starting to die down just enough to finish the photo shoot in what turned out to be perfect outdoor shooting conditions. The water was its typical turquoise blue and the sky was a soft bluish yellow as the sun began to set behind Villa Triton. The two families were a joy to work with and the photos turned out to be so nice that both of the families ordered large heirloom pieces to hang on their walls.

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