Wedding Cakes Receive a Full Photographic Pampering!

High-end Custom Wedding Cake Photos From Scratch TCI

It’s always nice to take an occasional break from portraiture and work with some still-life photography work. Annie Lee of From Scratch TCI had the perfect request- for us to photograph her new high-end line of made-from-scratch custom wedding cakes and macarons! It was difficult for me to not eat everything at first sight.. but I made it through. There were a wide variety of cakes with all sorts of interesting elements, floral design, and even edible foil! As photographers we always enjoy the challenge of lighting different types of subjects and framing them in the most ideal way to show off the best features. Luckily, Annie’s cakes didn’t really have any bad angles. Her party was a great success and many people from all over the island attended to view and sample her delicious treats. I had a chance to sneak a macaron here and there and can attest to their irreversibility! I look forward to seeing her cakes at my future weddings and I know the brides and grooms will love the way they look.. and the way they taste.

Paradise Photography is a boutique photography company located in Turks and Caicos.  For more information click here.

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