The Arfstens were a great lot to work with! We had 3 generations proudly represented and a beautiful villa for a backdrop.  There was a bit of chaos as one could imagine with so many children under the age of five, however we rolled with it in good spirits and came back with some awesome pictures! I took the families on a tour of the grounds at Villa Mirabelle which had all kinds of great little spots for pictures. We inevitably ended up on their private stretch of beach on Sapodilla Bay, where the water was like glass. Thus we almost had two sunsets, one in the sky and one in the water, a fortune nobody can ignore especially with a camera! Everyone was having a great time and it shows in the results. I may have lost my voice from posing everyone and keeping all the kids’ attention, but it was worth it! 

001 TURKS-AND-CAICOS-portrait-family-beach 08505 002 TURKS-AND-CAICOS-portrait-family-beach 1 003 TURKS-AND-CAICOS-portrait-family-beach 3 004 TURKS-AND-CAICOS-portrait-family-beach 08639 005 TURKS-AND-CAICOS-portrait-family-beach 2 006 TURKS-AND-CAICOS-portrait-family-beach 08664 007 TURKS-AND-CAICOS-portrait-family-beach 08725 008 TURKS-AND-CAICOS-portrait-family-beach 4 009 TURKS-AND-CAICOS-portrait-family-beach 08758 010 TURKS-AND-CAICOS-portrait-family-beach 5 011 TURKS-AND-CAICOS-portrait-family-beach 08802 012 TURKS-AND-CAICOS-portrait-family-beach 6 013 TURKS-AND-CAICOS-portrait-family-beach 7 014 TURKS-AND-CAICOS-portrait-family-beach 08945