Family Fashion Photo Session

Chalk Sound Shoot

This will go down as one of the coolest family photo sessions I have had in a long time! The Gadhias were straight off a Bollywood set with perfectly coordinated outfits and an incredible talent for modeling! Shweta and I had spoken in great detail before our shoot, planning out the exact theme and feel she wanted for her pictures. She really wanted a high fashion look which just so happens to be one of my favorite genres of photography. Two hours and three locations later we had some truly remarkable material.

Our first spot had so many great props to work with, including old sail boats and a beautiful wall with lots of texture all framed perfectly by the mint green waters of Chalk Sound. Chalk Sound is truly one of Provo’s hidden gems here in the Turks & Caicos. We eventually headed over to Las Brisas for a change of scenery. The waterfront restaurant offered lots of awesome spaces to work with including a pier, private beach, pool, and white-washed walls to get those hard edge fashion images the Gadhias were after. Shweta looked stunning in her final red dress outfit. It was very striking against everything we had to work with. All in all, I was immensely happy with everything we were able to churn out!

001 turks-and-caicos-fashion-portrait-chalk-sound 2 002 turks-and-caicos-fashion-portrait-chalk-sound 09456 003 turks-and-caicos-fashion-portrait-chalk-sound 4 004 turks-and-caicos-fashion-portrait-chalk-sound 09543 005 turks-and-caicos-fashion-portrait-chalk-sound 1 006 turks-and-caicos-fashion-portrait-chalk-sound 3 007 turks-and-caicos-fashion-portrait-chalk-sound 6 008 turks-and-caicos-fashion-portrait-chalk-sound 7 009 turks-and-caicos-fashion-portrait-chalk-sound 5 010 turks-and-caicos-fashion-portrait-chalk-sound 8 011 turks-and-caicos-fashion-portrait-chalk-sound 09986