Engagement at The Shore Club

The wedding proposal has recently become a very popular type of photographic service for the Paradise Photography.  More and more as the Turks and Caicos becomes known around the world as the caribbean’s premier destination vacation country, men who want to pop the question are flocking to our shores to do just that.  And Ben Ahiabor is no exception.  He wanted to surprise Mecedes with a proposal that she would not forget.  I spoke with Ben several weeks before the photo session to make sure that we were in concert with one another on how and exact when he was to drop to knee during the photo shoot.  With the help of the staff at the Shore Club ResortBen had already planned a special location and a unique setup in the resort’s breeze way.  I was supposed to lead them to the location and actually assist in the proposal.  We met in the front lobby under the guise that the session was a present from Ben to Mercedes.  This was going to be a personal photo session for Mecedes who loves doing these types of photo shoots for personal reasons and also to post on social media.  I intentionally included Ben in the session making sure I took enough photos of the two of them together.  When we arrived at the breezeway, Ben removed her blindfold and told her to close her eyes.  I gave her a bunch of loose rose petals and ask her to open her eyes and throw them in the air.  In the meantime, Ben had already dropped to knee and took out the engagement ring.  He popped the question, Mercedes said “yes”, and the rest will be history.  Needless to say, the photography session went very well and the two were as happy as could be to start their lives together. 

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