Exciting Turks and Caicos Proposal

Bill is a man of taste and vision.  And his tasteful vision was to propose to his high school sweetheart, Hannah, in the Turks and Caicos Islands on a secluded beach.  So, how does a Turks and Caicos secret proposal photographer work around the fact that hiding in the bush on a secluded beach trying to capture him popping the question without being spotted is a very risky proposition?  Well, there are several options that I often suggest to guys like Bill.  The goal is to make everything go smoothly and not tip off the soon-to-be, unsuspecting fiances like Hannah.  In this case, I opted for the taxi cab driver ruse.  That is, I would act as a cab driver that Bill would contact directly.  When I arrive, Bill would ask to be taken to a local private beach.  Of course, all of these details were already worked out between me and Bill on a long string of text messages several days before the big day.  And fortunately, everything went better than we expected!  As Bill dropped to a knee to pop the question, a group of people staying at one of the nearby villas started to cheer and clap.  They even played some exciting music  and turned up the volume quite high.  Bill and Hannah were pleasantly surprised.  But there was one more surprise to come.  One of the villa owners who had witnessed the proposal came over and offered a bottle of some very fine champagne and two glasses.  Bill and Hannah were ecstatic and we hadn’t even started their photo session yet.  Needless to say, the session went very well.  The weather was perfect, the and the sunset was amazing.  I was even able to capture one of my favorite proposal photos of all time- a photo.  It was a shot of Bill holding Hannah over his head as she showed off her beautiful pear shaped diamond ring.

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