Family Portrait on Pelican Beach Turks and Caicos

Concierge Malaika Been has Family Photographer Shoot Secluded Beach Session

The Turks and Caicos is primarily made of big families. The islands are so small that families grow to become one large extended immediate family.  Malaika’s family was no exception.  There were four different generations at the shoot, and everyone came to have fun.  A secluded beach shoot was perfect for this large group of seventeen because they wanted to play, laugh and enjoy the amazing evening on Grace Bay beach.  It was very easy to take impactful images of this group.  They loved having their photos taken and were always doing something that was extremely cute.

The love between all seventeen family members exuded from everyone, and this connection definitely showed in their interactions with each other.   The beautiful transparent turquoise waters, and powder white sand of Grace Bay beach was the perfect backdrop to accentuate this sort of connection. We had the perfect conditions to capture perfect photos. Of all the family members, the youngest kids had the most fun.  They enjoyed playing with their cousins and showing off their muscles.  They enjoyed showing me how they could run and jump for the camera, but most importantly pose for the camera.  This made my job as their Turks and Caicos family photographer a lot easier.  I think I have a few future models in the Been.  This was another perfect evening on the picturesque Grace Bay beach!

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