Ashley and Brandon’s Wedding Photos

Amazing West Bay Club Wedding

Destination weddings are beautiful, intimate affairs that we could never get tired of capturing. Each bride and groom and their loved ones bring a flair of their own to their event, which allows us to tell a unique story in a fun, creative way. This was especially true with Ashley and Brandon.  

The moment we heard they had chosen West Bay Club as the venue for their special day, we knew it was going to be a beautiful wedding to photograph. The pure white walls and gorgeous contrasting greenery from the gardens provided a location we love to use to coordinate the first look and beautiful bridal shots.  West Bay Club also has an amazing boardwalk that leads straight out to our beautiful Grace Bay Beach.  Cinnamon Sun Events did a fantastic job organizing a one-of-a-kind evening that was back dropped with amazing blues from the world’s number one beach. The day was detailed to perfection; from the bride’s “Just Married” Kate Spade flip flops to the “Best Day Ever” cake decor, and the amazing dinner table setup. Ashley and Brandon traveled all the way from Minnesota to the beautiful Turks and Caicos.  We are so thrilled to have captured the laughs, the little tear drops, and all the special moments that they can now look back on and cherish forever. 

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