Great Photos in “Bad” Weather

Bad weather is good weather in our field of photography. That’s because what looks to you, our valued client, like less than good weather for a fun beach day, often turns into opportunities for dramatic, unexpected pictures created by our expert photographers. So, what’s bad weather? From the perspective of our clients who want to capture memories with the Turks and Caicos beaches as their stunning backdrop, it could be anything from sunny but extremely windy conditions, sprinkling or down pouring rain, an impending or approaching storm, gloomy or cloudy skies, or even high surf along the shore line. It may even be a cloudless day where the sun is so bright that you can’t help but squint. But for all of these conditions, we have the professional techniques and experience that will help create the amazing photos you never imagined.


A windy wedding day is the perfect recipe for whimsical, romantic portraits especially with veils. Picture getting swept off your feet in the best way! It could also be the icing on top of the cake for your outfit or hair. A little wind in your hair or dress can make all the difference! 


A rainy or stormy day in Turks and Caicos usually doesn’t means the entire day. Our general rule is always give it five minutes, and it’ll blow over. There’s plenty of opportunity for indoor portraits while we wait it out, plus it’s a great chance for warm up shot before we make it down to the beach.


It’s our familiarity with these conditions that we use when deciding if to continue with a photo session or not. As professional photographers based in Turks and Caicos, we know the weather changes quickly, so we’re always keeping a close watch. Our final decision on whether to go through with a photo session or not is often made shortly before the session’s start time. Sometimes it’s even at the exact time. There are also the cases where we have no choice but to move forward with the session.  We might already be in the process of photographing a wedding for example, or a multi-generational family portrait when a rain shower arrives out of nowhere.  Or, it may be a couple’s last evening before flying back home.


Stormy days are fun-packed no matter the ages or size of your group. Big waves and dramatic clouds make for dynamic photos and also lots of fun, especially for the kids. 




Overcast days may seem like a dud, but in reality it’s the perfect conditions for the turquoise water and soft skies. Our professional lighting techniques will ensure you get the colors you love!


It’s key to rely on the expertise of your photographer when deciding what to do when your day for photos is less than perfect — or less than what you expected. You don’t wan’t to be the client who cancels, or doesn’t book at all, only to miss out on a great day! Our photographers know best what the weather conditions would be like, and if it’d be worthwhile for the fun, creative images you’ll always remember.


We’ve got tricks and techniques for the extra bright sunny days too! Sunglasses or not, you’ll walk away with the most fun, candid photos of your memorable vacation in Paradise. 


Last but not least, let’s not forget that after “bad weather” comes some of the best sunsets!


Paradise Photography is a boutique photography company located in Turks and Caicos. Contact us to book your session today!

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