Turks and Caicos Boho Bride

Tina & Ken picked the beautiful Shore Club Resort on Long Bay for their intimate wedding with their children and closest friends. As a Yogi, Tina wanted to keep things simple. She selected a bohemian ‘boho’ style dress with a lovely bouquet and flowers in her hair.  The couple also wanted to use the beautiful architectural elements of the award winning Shore Club resort for their photos – which included doing their ceremony in the lovely Courtyard instead of the typical beach ceremony. 

For their first look, they wanted to incorporate their children into the mix and had them right there to watch the emotional moment. They did their first look in the lovely reception area with French doors and columns. Next, we did romantic photos at one of the villas before heading to the Courtyard for their ceremony. This attractive couple looked like they were models in a Town and Country magazine photo shoot with Ken’s sharp suit and Tina’s elegant look. They walked down the villa’s travertine hallway like they owned it! Then we moved to the grassy patio area for more stunning photos. As we did the photos, their children had a chance to get a tour of the nearly eleven thousand square foot villa and absolutely fell in love with it! Whenever possible, Tina and Ken used the lovely pathways and nicely manicured garden walkways to stroll together. From when we first met, Tina said she loved photos where the bride turned and looked back while they were walking.  A nice candid style look to her photos and the motion of her walking added to the romantic look of her dress. 

This was one of the few weddings where we never did any photos on the beach, but it really worked for this couple. Having such a picturesque resort and award winning architecture added to the beauty of Tina and Ken’s Turks and Caicos wedding.


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