New Don Martin Rum

Don Martin Rum is a must-try new local rum on the TCI block.  We had the privilege of doing this commercial photo session and personal branding photoshoot.  Our objective was to document this unique rum in a studio and natural setting for the owner and creator himself, Don Martin.  Don Martin Rum is unique in several ways.  First, it is the only locally crafted rum that is modified by infusing the rum directly with local botanicals.  The rum includes in each bottle a small branch from an indigenous tree or bush with medicinal properties. As a result of this infusion, the color of the rum is slightly altered towards the yellow or red hue, and the smell reflects the extract of the branch.  The taste is still very much that of a true rum but the aroma adds a unique herb-like twist to the drinking experience.  The several portfolios of images that we created included two different studio looks, one with a pure white background, and a second with a more dramatic background using the light of the setting sun and natural shadows. We used the local branches as props to accentuate the uniqueness of the rum’s formula.  We then conducted two separate sessions outside.  One session was conducted in and around the natural local bush surroundings, again to emphasize the natural aspect of the rum’s character.  We conducted the final session on Grace Bay’s shoreline with the goal of emphasizing the fact that this rum is truly a Turks and Caicos product.  The rum is carried in all of the major distribution chains on Provo and is very worth sampling.


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