Wedding for Two

Everybody says what a special place Turks and Caicos is, and it definitely turned out to be that for this newlywedded couple! Daryn and Angelo had a vacation planned to the Turks and Caicos and to stay in the condo of one of their family members who owned at the Sands resort.  Shortly before their trip they decided that they could use their upcoming trip as an opportunity to elope! It was always a dream to be married on the beach, and, what better place than the number one beach in the world, Grace Bay Beach! This fun couple from the East Coast prepared with everything they would need to elope – wedding clothes and cute props for photos that would let everybody know they eloped.

Daryn and Angelo’s love story goes back years ago when Angelo fell in love with Daryn at first sight. Their relationship cultivated over long talks and through Daryn’s nursing school and career. Fast forward to when their lives got busy – too busy to spend hours and hours planning an elaborate wedding with all of the decisions involved.

With busy schedules, it was just enough for these two to put together what they needed for their intimate wedding. Being Italian, Angelo made sure he had a fashionable royal navy suit, sunglasses and a very stylish derby – his signature look. The hat added that extra flare to his outfit!  Once they set foot in the Caribbean they knew they could relax and everything would be OK.

It was a big surprise to their friends and family when the couple announced their engagement with a wedding photo on Instagram. Daryn and Angelo made the most of their time together by having a vacation, wedding, and honeymoon all in one.

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