Sunset Wedding on Grace Bay

Creating Shalyn and Erich’s wedding photos was so much more fun than they imagined. Looking at the photos, you would never guess that they almost didn’t book a photographer for their big day. In fact, it was the made of honor who insisted on having a professional photographer present. Shalyn and Erich had always disliked being in front of the camera. That’s what they said during our pre-wedding consultation. But after a few minutes of getting to know this Virginia couple, we knew just what they needed. They’d done their research and booked the most artistic wedding photographers in Turks and Caicos to give them the most creative and memorable wedding photos they could dream of. 

It was a beautiful afternoon to be getting married on Grace Bay Beach. As the time went by the evening sky only got better. Colors transitioned from the iconic blues to pinks, and purples, and everything in between. It was the perfect evening for creating dynamic photos. Before they knew it, the bride and groom were dancing and twirling under an open sky during what felt more like a fiesta than a photoshoot. Getting to know Shalyn and Erich before their wedding day was key to them enjoying their wedding photography. We understood their personalities, and so knew how to keep them relaxed and comfortable in front of our cameras. Our fun-loving couple ended the evening with stunning photos they had a great time being their for. For us, that’s a mission accomplished!

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