Grace Bay Elopement

This bride and groom share many common interests, two of which are ice cream and the beach! In fact, ice cream is how they both met and fell in love. Marissa worked at an ice cream shop where she lived in Pennsylvania and Ben came in one day for ice cream. Once Ben saw Marissa he immediately fell in love. They started a friendship and Ben became a regular customer!

On one of their trips to the beach, Ben proposed to Marissa while they were parasailing.  It was always her dream to come to the Turks and Caicos where we have the most beautiful beaches. So, it was a natural thing to get married her in a simple and romantic ceremony. Ben added an extra special touch to his wedding attire by wearing a cowboy hat and suspenders. After the couple exchanged vows with tear-filled eyes, they walked up and down the beach holding hands and lovingly looking at each other.  To add to the celebration after their wedding, they even toasted with champagne. As the sun began to set, their wedding planner turned on their favorite song and the couple danced together, staring into each other’s eyes — as if nobody else was around. Marissa had her romantic dream wedding on the best, Grace Bay Beach and she could not have been happier.  When the couple returns back to reality they still will keep ice cream to be a part of their special connection. Marissa is planning to purchase the ice cream shop where she and Ben first met. It will be a business that they can grow together as they begin their new life together.


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