Tying Cultures in Turks and Caicos


Faith and Nicho are two people from very different cultures who chose to celebrate their big day in the beautiful Turks and Caicos. The wedding was a harmonious blend of both French and Filipino traditions, which goes to show that they are perfectly made for each other. Their friends and family traveled from many different parts of the world to celebrate such an auspicious occasion at the Shore Club. The venue was just as grand, with manicured lawns, lush vegetation and European and Asian inspired architecture. The familial love was palpable during the ceremony, with Faith’s twin sister as her maid of honor and the bridal party all having a roll in the ceremony.  There was even some translation into Nicho’s native language which made the wedding all the more intimate. The beach-side ceremony was a sight to behold.  But nothing could take the attention away from Faith’s simple yet glove-fitting elegant dress. Thea Lowe did a fantastic job with the bride’s hair and makeup. After the beach side ceremony the party migrated inside the courtyard for the reception where the couple cut the first slice of a traditional french croquembouche wedding cake.  They then shared an unforgettable first dance before opening up the dance floor for a night of celebration. And our team of professional wedding photographers was there to capture every moment for the couple to look back on lovingly for years to come.

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