Pink Peonies on Grace Bay Beach

You don’t have to search hard for the differences between the Lone Star State of Texas and the Turks and Caicos. When Sarah and William picked Grace Bay Beach for their dream Caribbean destination wedding they knew they were coming to turquoise waters, smiling faces, and exceptional fivestar service.  Despite the threat of rain, it turned out to be a majestic day.  In her beautifully lit Sands Resort suite, Sarah had her mom and sister as key helpers and gentle supporters. The glow from the interior lights was perfect for capturing Sarah’s angelic natural beauty.  We also couldn’t wait for William to lay eyes on his bride with her soft golden curls that were braided into an adorable bun under her veil, and her blue eyes that were dazzling in excitement.  In the center of the resort’s garden William stood tall and confident.  The excitement was building.  The moment he laid eyes on her a beaming smile appeared on their faces that would last the rest of the day.  On the beach Sarah’s Pinterest dreams were brought to life when she saw the wellappointed bamboo arch and the beautiful lanterns which decorated the isle.  Her planner, Keisha Delancy, did an amazing job.  And just when we thought it couldn’t get more beautiful, a rainbow appearedand the birds began to chirp overhead in excitement.  The golden sunset was the perfect ending to a perfect evening- an ending that the Turks and Caicos usually delivers.  We captured moments of the newlyweds and their family as they danced into the twilight, and we were all thankful that not a drop of rain had fallen. 

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