Caribbean Wedding in Turks & Caicos

Fay and David have a wonderful story about meeting each other. David is a customs officer for the government of Grenada and he used to see Fay when she would come through the airport on flights. It wasn’t until they had a chance to meet each other through a mutual friend that allowed them to get to know each other better outside of just airport encounters. It wasn’t long before Fay and David fell in love.

Being surrounded by lots of friends and family was something important for this couple’s wedding day. Even though they live in Grenada, a  Caribbean island, they wanted to do something spectacular for their friends and family so they decided upon the Shore Club resort in Turks and Caicos.

When they booked their wedding, little did they know that the Shore Club would receive the award for best hotel in the Caribbean! In preparation for her special day Fay had a wedding dress designed by a designer in Granada. He also designed and embellished her wedding shoes to go along with the dress and her beautiful headpiece.

Fay looked like royalty on her wedding day and David looked like he stepped out of GQ magazine with his suit, yellow tie, and stylish vest. This happy groom smiled ear-to-ear in all of his photos. We took lots of photos of Fay and David in all of the picturesque locations of the resort, using the spiral staircase of the elegant Villas, to a white-washed boardwalk and iconic columns.

It’s rare to have a destination wedding where the couple is from another Caribbean island and also where the couple actually has at least 50 people from that island coming to celebrate with them! Faye and David were such gracious hosts and we will always remember the fun time with this Caribbean couple!

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