Katie & Sam’s Wedding

We’ve all heard about international romances and couples that have been kept from seeing each other due to travel restrictions because of COVID 19. The long-distance love story of Katia and Sam had a happy ending and it’s all about Turks and Caicos.

Katia is from Canada and Samuel is from Australia. They met when Katia studied pharmacy in Australia. She moved back home to work as a pharmacist and she and Samuel continued to date transcontinental style.  When Sam proposed, they expected to wed in Canada, but due to country restrictions, the couple needed to find another option. It was touch and go up until the very last moment but the couple decided that it would be best to get married at a special location, just the two of them. Turks and Caicos in theSeven Stars Resort was the perfect place for them to escape. Sam flew from Australia and Katia from Canada so they could be together.

Katia and Sam flew to Turks and Caicos so they could be together and not wait any longer to get married. They decided to keep things simple because, like many couples, they plan to have a bigger celebration when all of the families can come together at a middle point probably in Europe. But for now, they don’t want to wait any longer to tie the knot.

The handsome couple was so happy and relaxed during their wedding photos. Romantically holding hands along the beautiful pathways of the resort and stopping to do photos at picturesque locations were all part of their pre-ceremony photos.  The resort staff prepared a beautiful arch with flowers and white sheers where the couple exchanged their vows and made things official. Even though they had rain after the ceremony, we waited and were able to get gorgeous photos against an amazing indigo sky and dramatic clouds.  Rain is always a sign of good luck on a wedding, not that this happy couple needs any of that after the long-distance journey they endured to officially become husband and wife.


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