Surprise Wedding in Turks & Caicos

Can you imagine arriving to your own wedding not knowing you were about to be married?  For Sonja, it was the best shock of her life.  And for us, it was a complete honor to photograph her and her soon-to-be husband.  This was our first surprise wedding too!  Zoran and Sonja were together for twenty years.  They had two kids together who always wanted their parents to be married.  When he decided it was finally time, Zoran got some help from his brides’ closest friend who lives in the Turks and Caicos. Together they planned a fairy tale wedding with help of the Tropical Destination Management team who had transformed the beach into an adorable and intimate setup with driftwood, greenery and pastel roses.  It was a fun and emotional evening, from the moment guests arrived to the reveal, and right through to the casual reception party. And the best part of that special day was that it was all captured by Turks and Caicos’ finest wedding photographers.  Sanja, Zoran and their kids will always remember their most unusual wedding day.

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