Things to Do In Turks & Caicos

If there were only one thing that you could want from a vacation the Turks and Caicos then it would be to enjoy the amazing water.  Its myriad shades of blue are striking, its clarity is unmatched, and its usefulness is without limits.  There are so many things to do in the water, and the TCI delivers on all of them and more.

The most popular water activities usually involve a boat.  The ever-useful boat in its myriad shapes and forms serves to pull water skiers and parasailers, tow water tubers, house overnighting guests, accommodate relaxing sunbathers and sunset watchers, and house diners in its galleys.  The flatboat is the perfect platform for bone fishermen to enjoy their craft.  Because the winds are very consistent, the sailboat is enjoyable most of the year.  And almost any kind of boat is the perfect transport for divers and snorkelers from the shore to the reef and back.

Some might consider the Jet Ski more a water motorcycle than a boat.  No matter how you see it, the Jet Ski is ideally suited for the flat waters of the south shores of Provo.  The north shore is generally off limits due to its national park designation.

With the world’s third longest continuous reef system, which is also one of the world’s finest reefs walls, the TCI is perfectly suited for divers of all skill levels to enjoy their sport.  And there is a well established diving industry to accommodate divers who arrive from around the world.




Fishing is without a doubt one of the more popular water sports in the Turks and Caicos.  In addition, if you are lucky, you might even be able to claim that the big one didn’t get away.

Cliff jumping in the TCI is an adrenalin-pumping terra firma and water sport that most people don’t know about.  You might be surprise that TCI’s cliffs are tall and the drops exhilarating.  Do not forget to scream on the way down!

The still waters and mangrove forests that surround our islands are ideal for kayaking.  Enjoy the ride.

Long Bay on the south side of Provo has quickly become a mecca for kite boarders of all skill levels.  For those very advanced kiters, the north and west shores hold amazing opportunities to test your prowess.

Parasailing is one of the more popular family activities on the north shore of Providenciales.  Moreover, you’ll see some of the best views of the water and island from up there.



Unlike diving, which requires a lot of very specialized equipment and training, snorkeling is a simpler way to enjoy the many near shore and off shore reefs of the Turks and Caicos. Don’t forget to bring your underwater camera, because you might just get that once in a lifetime shot.

Stand up paddle boarding, or SUP, is another one of those water activities that the average person can enjoy.  One of the most interesting and easily accessible SUP trips is through the mangrove forests on Mangrove Cay, which just on the other side of Leeward channel off Provo’s east side.

Kids love tubing for the thrill of the ride.  If you are lucky, your boat captain will really whip you around!

Wakeboarding is a popular winter sport found on mountain slopes.  It also has become popular on flat waters.  Turks and Caicos has some of the best wake boarding possibilities anywhere.





Wake surfing is different from wake boarding in two important ways.  First, the board used in wake surfing is essentially a small surf board used to ride ocean waves, rather than a bidirectional wake board which is used on the mountain slopes and flat water runs.  Secondly, when you get really proficient at wake surfing, there is no need for the towrope, because you should be able to ride the boat’s wake without a rope.

With some very protected waters surrounding the many small cays and islets, the Turks and Caicos is perfectly suited for flat water skiing runs.  During the calm summer months, water skiing is a must along the less protected Atlantic shorelines.



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