Stylish Bridal First Look at a Bar

Lisa and Mike decided they wanted to have their wedding at The Palms Resort in Turks and Caicos during their vacation one night when they were having evening cocktails at the bar at Parallel 23. So, it was no surprise that they wanted to have the “First Look” for their wedding occur at this swanky bar when they could have it all to themselves.  Mike made sure to have a glass of champagne ready for his beautiful bride for the first moment he saw her on their wedding day.  While most First Look or “Reveals” occur in a garden area or private space, the speakeasy style of the L’Attitude Bar was a perfect backdrop for this glamorous bride and dapper groom. Lisa & Mike’s first look will be remembered as one of our favorites! One of my favorite moments was when Lisa stood in the doorway of the Bar in all of her bridal beauty waiting for Mike to turn around and see her for the first time. After an emotional first look, the couple did some photos with their children around the iconic areas of Parallel 23 restaurant before heading to Grace Bay Beach where guests awaited them for their ceremony. Hoping that Lisa and Mike will always cherish the memory of their special First Look!

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