Your Ring’s a Big Thing

In the eyes of some, a ring may simply be an accessory.  But it means significantly more to the person who wears it. This is especially true for a wedding ring! The wedding ring is arguably the most important aspect to any marriage, from the time of the proposal to the wedding day and every moment after. The ring is something to always look at and to remember the bond between a couple. We recognize that both the engagement and wedding rings hold a lot of value and meaning for the bride and groom, and it is only fitting to immortalize them in a photograph. Whether nestled atop a budding rose in a bride’s bouquet, complemented by other accessories, or simply on their own, the photographed ring is always a favorite image and an integral part of any wedding album.

Being creative in photographing the engagement ring and wedding bands is something we love to do! Whether it’s placing the ring on the bride’s designer Jimmy Choo heels, or delicately positioning her engagement ring on top of her colorful bouquet, we are always looking for that WOW photo. Because we are located near the beach, we often use organic elements like a palm frond, a piece of coral, or even a conch shell to really help make a statement of the ring.  To get the perfect sparkle, detail, and embellishment of the rings takes special lenses and an understanding of lighting.  We usually start with photographing the rings so it can safely be returned to the hands of the groom or best man just in time for the ceremony.

Paradise Photography is a boutique photography company located in Turks and Caicos specializing in Portrait and Wedding Photography.  Click here to save your date!

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