Weekend Turks and Caicos Getaway

With little more than a month left for Summer 2020, we are so thrilled that our borders are now reopened to international visitors! It’s exciting to see families, couples, and even groups of friends back on the beach enjoying the calming waters and bright summer sun. It’s the perfect relaxation for vacationers after the crazy times we’ve all been going through. If like many others you’re seriously craving an incredible, relaxing getaway, our Beautiful by Nature island is a great option. A short flight from Miami, Florida will get you here in no time. A complimentary rum punch will likely refresh you as you check in to your beachfront resort, and just like that, you’ll be suddenly enjoying this Tropical Paradise.

Natasha and Guilherme experienced it best when they visited for their anniversary. They received all the comfort and pampering they needed by staying at the Seven Stars Resort in the heart of Grace Bay. By the time we met them for their couples’ photoshoot, they were already well-rested and filled with lots of excitement. Natasha flaunted her turquoise summer dress with ease as hubby tried his best not to blush. Against the blues of the beach and even the vibrant greens of the resort garden, their outfits stood out beautifully. It was a stunning evening as a gentle breeze blew and a light haze hung over the horizon. Natasha and Guilherme were an adorable couple obviously in love, still after ten years. The candid, romantic portraits matched their personalities well. And the best part is that they had lots of fun being themselves. The hazy sunset was a great end to the evening, and one we know they won’t forget. It was so much fun photographing them as they celebrated their tenth anniversary here in Turks and Caicos.

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