Baby and Family on Grace Bay

It’s a rare treat when the Mom of the family is a professional photographer! It’s special because it will be one of the few times when she will actually be in the photos instead of always documenting her family’s life.  For this new mom, it was a chance for her to be on vacation from her studio work and relax knowing that she’s now on the other side of the camera with her beautiful new baby boy, Max.

As with all moms – and especially a professional photographer, they know exactly what they want and the vision and desired look on the photos. Randy had always photographed little Max through all of his phases in her studio in California. So, when she and her husband vacationed to Turks and Caicos, she wanted something different with having a beach family photo session.

It wasn’t a surprise that Randy came prepared with a change of clothes for her husband to compliment the backdrop of the Palms resort gardens as well as Grace Bay Beach.  She chose a gorgeous flowing dress that complemented not only the jewel tone colors of the garden but also the turquoise ocean waters. We started with a natural look like she wanted interacting with baby Max as a new family.  When we got to the beach we did more candids that were super relaxed and more lifestyle-like. My favorite photos were the ones that I knew Randy could never get for herself – the ones of her and the baby interacting.  The time went by so quickly as we were on a mission to get as much variety as possible.  In the end, the beautiful photos of this attractive family could have graced the pages of Vanity Fair or People magazine!


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