Beautiful Baby Bump on Grace Bay Beach

As the saying goes in Turks and Caicos, “If the weather’s bad now, give it fifteen minutes.” The islands are known for their turquoise waters and ninety percent chance of sunshine. But rainstorms in the forecast never mean the fun is over. It was one of the rare stormy days on the evening we did Brooke and Jason’s maternity shoot. Even though it was raining just a few minutes before the beginning of the photo session, by the time we got to the lobby of the stunning Gansevoort resort, it had completely stopped.

Brooke and Jason were obvious sweethearts who had no trouble being in front the camera. The photo shoot started in the soft light by the pool side, and then proceeded along the corridors which were lined with colorful bougainvilleas. The sun was shining brightly through the bushes which is exactly what we Turks and Caicos photographers had predicted. Down on Grace Bay Beach the wind worked in our favor and allowed Brooke to let her hair down and be free to flow in her maxi dress. We got lucky when the sunset peeked through the cloudy horizon. This was a colorful ending to a beautiful evening celebrating their bundle of joy.

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