Saying “Yes” In Turks & Caicos

We met Justin and Lidia on a March Monday afternoon. The weather could not be any more ideal for the occasion, with the sun shinning brightly and an island breeze blowing gently. It was the kind of tropical paradise anyone getting away from Pennsylvania would dream of. Lidia was glowing. She was perfectly relaxed and she was simply happy to be vacationing on the world’s best beach, Grace Bay Beach, with the love of her life.

Justin was as relaxed and calm and collected as one could be before “popping the question”. This made for an easy flowing photo shoot with images that were charming and effortless. The spaciousness of Club Med Resort allowed us to create a good variety of photos. There was everything from luscious gardens to a variety of tropical palms, and the perfect pop of colors.

When we arrived to the beach, the sun was about ready to set just like Justin and I had planned. As the shoot proceeded on Justin suddenly dropped to a knee. It was the perfect time and place to officially ask Lidia to be his wife. They both had spoken about it before.  So, Justin knew he would be getting a “yes.” Lidia also knew the question would eventually arrive, but she never knew it would be at sunset on the world’s best beach with thoughts of chilly Pennsylvania long gone. We ended the evening with beautiful engagement portraits and a very fitting twilight sky.

We wish Lidia and Justin an abundance of love and joy in life, and we are honored to have been selected as their Turks and Caicos professional photographer

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