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It is said that lighting doesn’t strike twice in the same place.  Well, I can tell you that it can and it did on September 9, 2020 during the Lacerte family portrait session.  Well, it wasn’t exactly lighting that struck, but it was same exact weather pattern as the previous day’s family photo session.  On September 8, the following set of circumstances at the Seven Stars occurred with another one of clients.  On September 9, before our family portrait session I checked the weather for the possibility of a pop-up rain shower.  As far as I could tell the coast was clear for at least one hour, which is the typical length of our basic portrait session.  I guess we were in for an unexpected surprise because after meeting the Lacerte family at Villa Renaissance’s front desk area and taking a few photos in the garden area and a few photos on Grace Bay Beach, a huge ominous black cloud popped up out of nowhere from the east.  Instinctively, I started to expedite the session by getting as many of the more important beach photos completed before what was obviously a massive approaching downpour.  It was a good thing that we saw what was coming, because just as we sought refuge in the breezeway the rain cell let loose with a fifteen-minute deluge.  What next?  Well Melanie Lacerte suggested that we should end the session and that we had captured enough photos.  Again, instinctively I looked east and I looked west and based on over ten years of working in the Turks and Caicos as a professional family portrait photographer, I decided to wait it out because it looked like it might clear up before it got dark.  And that is exactly what happened.  Just like the day before, as the sun was setting the rain stopped and the most beautiful blue sky appeared, providing us with a rare background against which to created what turned out to be the Lacerte‘s favorite shots of the session.  It just goes to show that bad weather is often great weather, and lighting can strike twice in the same location!
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