Turks & Caicos Doctor

Now more than ever we have a new appreciation for the doctors and nurses that are working so hard during this pandemic.  This blog post is in honor of one of our amazing doctors in Turks and Caicos; someone on the front line in the hospital treating patients and keeping us healthy and safe.

Dr. Farnum is one of our talented emergency room doctors at Provo’s Cheshire Hall Medical Center. Working tirelessly, she frequently accepts grueling back-to-back night shifts treating those in need of serious medical attention.  We want to thank her for being on the COVID-19 front lines and for being a role model to her two beautiful girls.  Family is everything to Dr. Farnum.  And it is difficult being separated from her two lovely daughters who live and attend school in Barbados so she can care for the sick in the Turks and Caicos.

Taking family photos on Grace Bay Beach has always been Dr. Farnum’s dream.  She recently made that happen the last time her girls visited, and I was honored to be her photographer.  The weather on the day of her session was perfect.  Everybody who knows Dr. Farnum knows that she has a great sense of humor and her daughters have inherited that trait.  At the end of the photo session the sisters threw each other in the ocean completely clothed! Over the many years in this business I have seen families who get partially wet with ankles in the ocean or families who jump into the swimming pool at the end of their photo shoot. But this was the first time that two girls who had their hair and makeup nicely done decided to jump into the ocean and go all the way under. The amazing thing is that we were at a secluded beach location.  This meant that the girls were completely soaked on the car ride home. In essence, this family photo session was about the smiles, laughter, and memories that would last a lifetime and that would  carry them through this challenging time.

We sincerely thank Dr. Farnum for the daily sacrifice she makes as a doctor to keep us safe and healthy, especially during these unprecedented times.  We wish her and her daughters all of the health and happiness they deserve.

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