Family Photos at Windsong Resort

Creating family vacation photos is more than just being on a beautiful beach in the Turks and Caicos Islands. It might be the first time in years you see your adult kids in person. Your teenagers might soon be off to college, and who knows when they will be together in the same photo again. This is why having a well coordinated, professional photoshoot while on vacation is well worth it.  Jackie’s photos meant so much to her that they made her cry.  We conducted her session on a gorgeous evening when the natural light was soft, the garden was vibrant, and the clouds were perfect in creating a dreamy sunset. This was a great opportunity for the Lombardi family to slow down and enjoy each other’s company. We could tell from mom’s reaction that the photos of her teenage kids were something she had been wanting for a long time.  The combination of photos of her beautiful family in the Windsong Resort’s garden and one the one-of-a-kind Grace Bay Beach was the perfect collection of images that Jackie deserved. We really enjoy doing our vacation sessions because we know that our exceptional talent, expert tips, and impressive professional prints will exceed our clients’ expectations.

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