Turks & Caicos Memories

Two-year-old Asher grew up in New York City.  So, when he came to the Caribbean for the first time, he could not believe his eyes. His mom and dad planned a ten year wedding anniversary trip to the Turks and Caicos.  They used this trip as a chance to update their family photos by having their very first family beach photo session. They booked a secluded beach portrait session because they wanted something unique and memorable for their son Asher.  We first started with photos at the lovely Blue Haven Resort, and then we drove to a remote beach where little Asher could walk around and explore. While on the beach he had a chance to look at seashells and play in the sand. His dad found a crab and a starfish in one of the small coves.


Little Asher was so fascinated by the surrounding beauty that he didn’t want to leave the beach. The two-year-old age is such a cute time for toddlers to play on the beach and explore new and unique surroundings. Even before we got to the beach Asher loved exploring around the resort by hugging palm trees and smelling tropical flowers for the first time. The gardens at most resorts are full of purple and pink flowers with bright green leaves. This was truly a special family memory for Kristen and her family, and most importantly for cute little Asher. When they return home to the hustle and bustle of New York City, they will be able to look at their gorgeous pictures of their first family vacation to Turks and Caicos.

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