Fun-Filled Family Photos

The Somerset is always an appealing resort for families that want a vacation filled with fun. And its location on Grace Bay Beach could not be any better. The swimming pools are also above and beyond the usual. As the resort’s professional photographers, we love the spacious lawn which allows us ample space to photograph our families prior to heading down to the water. This was especially true with the McDonald family. The fun and energetic shoot started on the front lawn. Five minutes into the photo session and we were already rolling with laughter.  The lawn felt like a natural habitat to the group of four boys. We loved that behavior because it meant we could document them being their every day selves; climbing trees, tumbling in the grass, and of course burying mom in adorable hugs. The energy on the beach was also the same. The boys ran races, built sand castles, and did everything except feel like they were on a photo shoot. The photos looked everything like the fun vacation moments mom and dad wanted captured. Just another reason we are Turks and Caicos’ best portrait photographers.

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