Couple’s Photos on Grace Bay Beach

When it comes to capturing beautiful memories, a late start is better than never starting at all. Maithilee and Mihir were nervous about their late start. It was their first and only time since their wedding five years ago that they took professional portraits. However, based on the quality of their photos that would be hard to tell. Maithilee was quick to admit about being nervous. But we were quick to reassure her that things would work out well. We met in the lobby of the Sands resort where they had booked their stay. It was a sunny and an almost cloudless afternoon. The winds were strong, so therefore we were in no rush to head to the beach. These two made modeling for a Turks and Caicos photo shoot look easy. They strutted down the corridors with lots of confidence and were very naturally affectionate in the luscious garden areas of the resort. We made it down to the beautiful grace bay beach with enough time to capture both the gorgeous turquoise waters and the beautiful sunset that we were anticipating. By the end of this one hour session we had had so much fun that no one remembered being nervous at the beginning.

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