Multi-Generational Family

As the saying goes, “everything in Texas is big”.  So that was the case with the Peterson family who were visiting for their spring vacation.  The Turks and Caicos Islands have become a mecca for what professional portrait photographers call multi-generational environmental portraiture.  What does that mean?  The Peterson’s very large family is a case in point.  They consisted of the grandparents, their 3 children, and those childrens’ families too.  Together, they were 20 members. For a group as large as theirs, all the possible combinations is usually too many to photograph in what turns out to be a very short hour. Professional experience therefore plays a key role in ensuring the most important groupings are are captured, and that they get done creatively and efficiently too.  My strategy is to select several locations in the garden and on the beach and photograph all of those combinations in a very strategic fashion.  Additionally, as in the case of the Peterson family, I also candidly photograph the family members casually interacting throughout the session.  The family then gets a complete portfolio of images that tell a full story which most often gets used for a photobook.  They also have great images to choose from for beautiful wall art prints that hang over the a mantel piece or in a bedroom or living room. This is exactly what I did for the Petersons and they were very pleased with the results, as was I.

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