Surprise Multi-Generational Photoshoot

It’s a special gift when two sisters come together to surprise their parents with a family photo session. Footprints Villa is the perfect villa for a family vacation and it’s ideal for photos. The grassy lawn overlooks the beach and is so inviting for everyone to get together and comfortable. The Bray family loved having all of the grandchildren pile on grandma and grandpa for the photos. Each family was able to get fun photos in the hammock that hung in between two palm trees! We all headed to the beach which was just in front of the villa. We had an entire stretch of Grace Bay beach all to ourselves for pictures. Each sister walked with their families along the beach so we got individual pictures and also we did some candid photos of playing on the beach. For multigenerational family photo sessions like the Brays, we like to do a mix of candid and more formal photos. The grandparents always seem to like the more traditional style photos, looking at the camera. The children tend to prefer the candids where everyone is doing something or the children are playing.  One of my favorite photos was Nicole and her sister playing in the sand with their children. It was a special moment in time on the most beautiful beach in the world. Most importantly, Nicole and her sister will forever have the memories to relive every time they look at their photo gallery!

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