Multigenerational Hawksbill Photohoot

Emily and her extended family of thirteen are typical of what a Turks and Caicos family photographer refers to as a multi-generational family group.  These groups commonly rent large villas in the Turks and Caicos in order to spend their vacations together.  This is a very popular way that large families enjoy the benefits of being right on the beach.  Another benefit of renting a villa rather than staying in a resort is that most of these prestigious venues like Hawksbill Villa in Leeward come with their own staff and private chefs.  Additionally, I also get to use the well beautiful manicured tropical grounds and exquisite architecture as a backdrop against which to conduct my photography session.  And that is exactly what I did.  I started in the front of the house photographing all of the various groupings on the front steps before moving to the beach.  Two of the more important groups that I made sure I captured were the grandparents with the grand children, and the grandparents with their children.  These two groupings often get overlooked, but turn out to be more important than everyone initially expects.  Another goal of this family photo session was to take a lot of candid, or un-posed photos of everyone interacting.  These images make great selections in a family heirloom photo album.  Additionally, I wanted to make sure that I took one great individual portrait of each person in the group.  This sounds easy to accomplish.  However, in most large family photo sessions there is usually one or two persons that get overlooked.  And again these types of individual portraits are important content for the official family photo album.  Finally, when the group is greater than around ten persons, Paradise Photography usually brings a second photographer to assist.  This is what we did in Emily’s case.  And after one hour with two photographers and a well-behaved, multigenerational family group of thirteen, we accomplished everything we set out to do.  In the end, we had one happy client.

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