Texas to Turks & Caicos

Richard and Misty come from the Lone Star state of Texas and in particular from the land-locked city of Austin.  So, when Richard was deciding where to vacation, his search for the best beach  in the world lead him to the Turks and Caicos, and in particular Grace Bay beach.  And after careful consideration he selected the beautiful Seven Stars resort.  This is a great venue to do all kinds of family, couples and personal photo sessions.  The gardens are varied and lush, and this part of Grace Bay beach is wide and even has an old dock on the west end that serves as a great place to creative photo work.  I met them at the front lobby and then lead them throughout the gardens onto the beach.  When we got to the dock I spent some quality time working with Misty who was very comfortable in front of the lens.  As I later found out, the session was primarily for Misty who used to be a model and was looking forward to creating a unique personal portfolio in the tropics.

Paradise Photography is a boutique wedding and portrait photography studio located in Turks and Caicos. Contact us to book your session!

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