Birthday Beach Photos

There are so many reasons for having family photos taken regularly. When you’re vacationing in Turks and Caicos, being in such a beautiful destination together might be your first obvious reason. While you’re here, you’ll be creating tons of fun memories that you’ll want to always remember. And nothing captures memories forever like photographs do. Plus, you’re not just capturing them for yourself; you’re creating them to share with friends and extended family back home, and with the children and grandchildren still to come!

Hospitality is what Turks and Caicos is known for. The friendly concierges at all of the resorts are on the front lines of hospitality and are often the first point of contact when planning a vacation to the TCI.  The concierges help with everything from recommending where to eat, all the way to booking horseback riding, snorkeling, or other fun things to do during your trip. The concierges work so hard to make sure each guest’s stay is absolutely perfect.

It was a real treat when we were able to photograph one of those special concierges and her family and make her feel as cared for as the hotel guests she looks after.

Berry juggles the life of being a mom of a toddler when she’s not sitting at her concierge desk at the Somerset Resort on Grace Bay.  She and Carlo are new parents so her portrait session was a chance to document her little one’s growth. Every day is a special day with something new to be photographed when you have young, energetic, kids who are forever changing before your eyes!

By coincidence, Berry and Carlo chose their son’s 3rd birthday for their family photoshoot. This made the photos even more priceless. We loved their coordinated outfits, right down to the matching shoes. Who knew that a casual denim look, paired with white tops could give such a stylish finish? The session was filled with so much fun and laughter.   We enjoyed capturing these candid moments between Berry and her family. We were happy to spoil her with lots of smiles just like she does her happy hotel guests.


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