Vacation Anticipation

The Brown family was waiting with great excitement for their already planned vacation to our tropical paradise. After months of quarantining at home in Texas, everyone was longing to get out and enjoy some fresh air and a completely new place. After all, wouldn’t want to trade the Texas humidity for some cool, turquoise water on the stunning Grace Bay Beach? The borders of all the Caribbean islands were slowly opening up back to visitors, and Heidi, Brant, and their three kids kept their hopes high that the Turks and Caicos Islands would soon reopen too. Just in time for their end-of-summer vacation as planned, the islands reopened on July 22.

It was great photographing Heidi and her family as one of our first visitors after the reopening. We met them at the West Bay Club where they were staying. Because the resort has such beautiful gardening, it was easy to create great portraits there before walking down to the beach. Because it was so clear that they were a fun, laid back family, we wanted to really capture that in their photos. Taking pictures around the resort was a nice way to have everyone warm up to the camera before getting down to the beach. It was nice also for making sure they got beautiful memories of the resort where they stayed. We loved that it was a fun evening, including for the kids. It was easy for them to be their funny, playful selves in front of the camera. And because they were so relaxed and confident, their photos looked a lot like who they are every day. It was not the sunniest evening, but it was still great for beach photos in the sand. We enjoyed capturing candid moments between the more uniformed poses and got lots of different images with the siblings, parents, and other permutations. We’re so happy to be back to photographing families on the amazing Grace Bay Beach. 

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