Proposing on Grace Bay Beach

Linson Thomas is one of those old fashion gentlemen that respects the tradition of the marriage proposal.  After deciding to ask the big question in the Turks and Caicos and on the world-famous Grace Bay beach, he contacted a professional photography studio to document the magical moment.  Paradise Photography was the lucky studio that he chose for the task.  I usually advise clients like Linson to create a scenario where he and his girlfriend would be booked for a couple’s portrait session, and then at some point during the session drop to a knee and make his proposal.  However, Linson insisted on keeping the proposal a very tight secret. This meant that I was going to be waiting on the beach posing as a tourist with a camera who happened to capture the marriage proposal.  This is not the first time a client has asked for this kind of service.  At precisely 5:42 pm he and Aliya appeared on the water line where he immediately dropped to a knee with an engagement ring in hand.  Well, needless to say, everything went off without error when she said “yes”.  I later found out that Linson wrote a letter to his future father-in-law asking for his permission to marry Aliya, which further proved Linson as being the rare traditional type.  The session was a real success with the weather cooperating in every sense.  All the best to Linson and his new fiance Alya.

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