Sweet Sisteen Portraits

We love doing photos of our clients, especially their kids, where we have a chance to see them grow and change over the years.  Savanna is someone we’ve photographed from when she was just knee-high. Over the years we’ve done her pictures, with one of our favorite memories being her 13th birthday photos where she got all dressed up and held giant gold helium balloons that had 13 on them.

Fast forward to now and she’s become a beautiful young lady who is celebrating another milestone birthday – her Sweet 16!

This photo session was a chance for Savanna to show her true personality. In preparation for the photo shoot, she bought a beautiful white dress and had her outfit changes all organized when I showed up. Her other outfits included a striking red bikini for a ‘pop of color’ and a fun shorts outfit with cute white shorts and a flattering gold top.

Her mom Dee is quite the fashionista so we all consulted on a plan for what outfit would look best with each background.  We wanted to end with something casual where Savanna could sit in the sand and be comfortable and casual. Mom and daughter planned the details of accessories from earrings and bracelets including picking a colorful sarong that Savanna could wear for the bathing suit pictures. For the first look we picked the white dress and put on some eye-catching blue strappy heels that complemented her earrings.

Savanna looked so pretty when I arrived to do the pictures with her professional hair and makeup that have been done. She wanted a nice natural look and that was definitely done with the makeup by Shenique perfection.

Because Savanna has been on the other side of the camera since she was a little girl we had a lot of laughs and fun during the session. We even “re-did” some similar poses that we had done years before that were favorites of her mom.

A real highlight of the session was having Savanna‘s mom be there to help be the “stylist”, jumping in to brush hair or do any clothing adjustments. Mom even had a chance to be in some of the photos even though she wanted to make sure this portrait was all about Savanna. We are wishing Savanna a great school year as she heads off to Canada. We will miss her and these pictures will be a great memory of her home and happy times.

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