Beach Portraits Guide

Knowing what to do “on-the-other-side” of the camera can be nerve wracking for some people. Others think, “what can we possibly do for an hour session for photos?” Our goal is to make our clients feel comfortable during their portrait sessions so they can be themselves, be relaxed, connect with their family and most importantly have fun! We know that when our clients are enjoying themselves that we get the best photos. Whether it is a couples photo session on the beach or a multigenerational family portrait, we’ve got great ideas for poses or ways to “pose” what looks like it’s candid.


Maybe you’re standing, sitting, or walking on the beach, careful thought is put into arranging a flattering composition so heights match, sub families are grouped together, etc, etc. Even a simple beach walk can require a bit of finessing to make sure hair or a dress blows in the proper direction or that nobody gets cut off during the walk, especially small children.

For larger groups, putting related people together and positioning the matriarch and patriarch in a prominent place is common when doing a more formal portrait. Or, a more staggered look that’s similar to what people see in more contemporary portraits and in magazines like Vanity Fair is often pleasing. No matter what your preference for traditional or contemporary, formal or candid, we cover all of bases to get a variety of amazing photos so everyone will love, no matter their age.



An important tip when photographing families or couples is connection. We are always looking for ways to show connection with family members – these are all of the important non-verbal cues that make for a better picture.  Whether it’s dad sitting on the beach with the kids giving him a bear hug, brothers piling on top of each other in the sand, or a family giving a squeeze, or a couple hugging silhouetted with the sun behind them.

To help our clients feel relaxed we look for fun things to do or using elements in nature or their surroundings. Maybe they climb into a hammock and flay footsies, or, maybe they climb to the top of a rock, lean against a palm tree or twirl together on the beach.

Take a look at some memorable photos and you’ll see there’s no need to feel nervous when you’re on the other side of the camera.




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