Island Fish Fry

Ask any local for recommendations on what to do when visiting the Turks and Caicos Islands, and they will probably tell you to go to the Thursday evening Island Fish Fry. Ask anyone who has visited the TCI and they will likely suggest the same. The Thursday night Fish Fry is a fanfare you should never miss if you are in Providenciales. It’s a place to enjoy local eats, party like the locals, and walk away with the best handcrafted souvenirs.  The Fish Fry is a weekly celebration that has been running since 2009. Whether you are a couple, large family or a group of friends, it’s an event that everyone can enjoy. Many famous celebrities have attended and enjoyed the outing. The event is located at the Childrens Bight Park parking lot. Vendors  set up stands on either side of the long parking lot where they sell their food, drinks, dessert treats, and locally made souvenirs. Some but not all of the food is fish, like the name of the event implies. It is the ideal location to sample all things local, like conch fritters, conch salad, jerk chicken, baked mac and cheese, and much more.  For families with picky little eaters, the familiar hotdogs, cheeseburgers, and fries are also available.  Many local drinks are in abundance, from piña coladas served in a pineapple, to coconut water delivered in a Turks and Caicos branded coconut shell.

The show also includes live entertainment which fills the air. Each week a different local band takes the stage.  It is a thrilling experience of dancing to local rake-n-scrape music performance. When the band is done, there is still more to come as a DJ and MC take the stage for the fun interactive segment. If you are celebrating a birthday, anniversary, honeymoon, graduation, or anything else, this is your chance to take the stage and shine.  Don’t forget to visit the souvenir stands to find the best gifts for your friends and loved ones.  One of the more unique items you can find is the conch shell which has been crafted into the most unusual designs.  There are also all kinds of key chains, bracelets, t-shirts, and refrigerator magnets. And most importantly, don’t forget the locally made Bambara Rum!  Finally,  you might want to stay to the end for the grand finale. As the clock nears 9:30 pm the atmosphere becomes even more alive as the fully costumed Junkanoo band parades through the crowd. It is a celebration to experience in person. You will enjoy drums, whistles, ripsaws, and horns playing in harmony. Thursday Night Island Fish Fry is the island’s own carnival with no rides but plenty of music, food, and fun for everyone.


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