Turks & Caicos Engagement

Proposing to the love of your life in Turks and Caicos means doing so on one of the best tropical getaways you can imagine. The Turks and Caicos Islands is well known for its luxury resorts, friendly services, and stunning beaches. Celebrities in the music, sports, entertainment, and even corporate world frequently visit the islands for a dreamy, serene escape from their busy lives. After all, the islands are always a quick flight away and complete with beautiful climate and picturesque backdrops. So if you’re considering a couple’s vacation to this tropical paradise, consider it also the place to pop the question!

For Edward, choosing Turks and Caicos as the perfect time and place was easy. He’d already been planning for a vacation here with his girlfriend. And though he still had every intention of keeping the moment a surprise, they’d already talked a long time ago about getting married. So after confirming their vacation plans, Edward searched out the best photographers in Turks and Caicos to help with his special plan. He opted for a couples’ photoshoot that would then unfold into the special moment. We met them an hour before sunset to get started. They stayed at Seven Stars Resort on Grace Bay Beach so we photographed them first in the resorts’ luscious tropical garden. This was great for getting them both comfortable in front of the camera, and for buying Edward time to get relaxed and ready. It wasn’t long before he was on his knee asking the love of his life to be his wife. It was exactly as he wanted with the waves crashing in the backdrop and the golden hour sunlight kissing their faces. They also got portraits in front of a dazzling Turks and Caicos sunset. It was surely an evening worth capturing! We’re happy they chose Paradise Photography to help make their dream a reality.

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