A Style Guide

As artists, we are always looking to create inspiring photos. However, we can be inspired by our own clients! This is often the case when it comes to the clothing that our subjects wear for their Turks and Caicos photo sessions. While the majority of clients tend to go for all white, or a white and khaki combination, many of our subjects do an amazing job of coordinating and choosing flattering colors, styles, and yes, even patterns.

While looking good is what matters in the end, making sure you feel good for the time that you are in the spotlight is very important too. The nicer you feel, the more relaxed and confident you’ll be, and the more radiant your portraits will turn out.  Looking and feeling good means looking and feeling like your stylish self. So, wear what you feel good in.

Let’s face it, the debate will endure forever whether white is timeless, elegant or simply cliche.  If white or even vibrant colors are not your preference, then you might want to go for neutral tones or pastels. Softer colors will allow the water’s natural color to stand out.

If you love vibrant colors, choose something solid that’s not too neon. When done right, a pop of color can add a sense of excitement to your photos. As well, a busy or bright pattern can be softened by other members in the family who wear white shirts or khaki bottoms.

Another trend is color matching- that is, picking a single color and having everyone in the family wear varying shades of that color.  For example, you might have everyone in the group wear varying shades of the color blue or green. Many times, the matriarch will be dressed in the brighter shade of the color theme. Because, let’s not forget that allowing Mom to stand out is always a good idea.

Mixing and matching is also another option. We have noticed a trend of wearing a combination of blue and white.  A great way to mix it up is to have some of the family members wear blue tops and some wear white.

Perhaps you want to go against tradition completely.  Or maybe you don’t feel like matching, or you don’t want to look too staged.  A deliberate decision to avoid matching can also be effective.  You may draw inspiration from the natural surroundings like the blue of the sky, the white of the clouds, or the green of the tropical flora. Deciding what to wear toor your beach family photos can be a challenging decision.  So, here are some inspiration from clients who did an outstanding job.

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